-Säästät loukkujen ja kemiallisten torjunta-aineiden hankintakulut
-Ei haisevia ja mätäneviä raatoja
-Varastoitavat tavarat ja elintarvikkeet säilyvät turvassa
-Tautien leviämisriski poistuu
-Lapset ja kotieläimet ovat turvassa myrkyllisiltä aineilta
-Kemiallisia myrkkyjä ei kulkeudu maaperään eikä vesistöihin


  Rodents and birds break, tear, eat and contaminate everywhere, unless control measures are taken, perhaps even preventive advance measures.

They spread diseases harmful to humans e.g. plague, salmonella, SARS, typhoid fever, small pox, ebola.

If so desired, humans will not hear the adjustable and versatile ultrasound of AUS system. Rodents, sparrows and other small animals destroy structures, stored goods, clean mixtures, potting and plantations. 

Attempts have been made to get rid pests using pesticides or traps etc., which leave "traces". (Loss of time, no advance prevention.)

Pesticides, or pests that have died in traps, can ruin the quality of stored goods or mixtures, cause an odour nuisance and structural disintegration etc.

In many countries, the use of foreign substances in food products is prohibited by law. (((AUS))) - Alfa Ultra Super is a new environment-friendly and effective alternative to conventional pest control measures. 


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  • You will save cost of acquiring traps and chemical pesticides
  • No stinking and rotting carcasses
  • Stored goods and foodstuffs remain safe
  • The risk of disease spread is removed
  • Children and pets are not endangered by toxins
  • Chemical toxins will not be transmitted into soil or water supplies


eroon hiiristä,eroon rotista,eroon tuholaisista, luonnonmukaista tuholaistorjuntaa.